Golf Evaluation
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Golf Evaluation

To all you golfers, would you like to get a Structural and Functional evaluation of your Golf swing? Dr. Ed will go through a Golf Injury Certification program and they will gladly help you out. Keep in mind we are not here to change your swing, but to evaluate your posture through a comprehensive exam in order to find faults in your biomechanics in order to prevent injures and improve your performance.

The evaluation will include the following points:

1. Flexibility
2. Posture
3. 3 Point Swing Analysis
4. Corrective stretches and exercises

During our evaluation we use a Swing-Light Trainer to provide a visual extension of the club shaft when the club shaft is behind your body. This will allow us to evaluate if you are too steep, too flat or right on the plane line. We will also measure various club head speeds with a Power Meter at the time of evaluation and then 4 weeks after you have worked on the corrective stretches and exercises. We compare your initial measurements to the standards for both amateur and professional golfers. This will give us a baseline of where you stand. We then re-measure your club head speed at the one-month point to see how much you have improved. As you golfers know, increased club head speed means increased distance on the course.

Combining the findings from your postural evaluation, flexibility, and swing analysis will allow us to find your biomechanical faults that WILL eventually predispose you to injuries. By correcting these faults we can prevent injuries from happening and keep you on the course.

If you are interested in having your swing evaluated call Dr. Ed at  (805) 531-1188 and they will gladly help you out.

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